Why Liv Tyler Should Quit Smoking & Turn to Vaping

When it comes to smoking cigarettes everyone knows it is bad for you. This is a common fact. From the negativity on your health to the smell, to your friendships, cigarettes have a negative impact on your whole life. Luckily there is a great new way to quit smoking: vaping. Va[ing has helped millions of people quit smoking. Liv Tyler should quit smoking and start vaping because of the impact on her health, the smell, and social friendships and relationship that vaping can keep impact.

The health impacted by vaping is the easiest thing to talk about to convince Liv Tyler to quit smoking. Cigarette smoke is terrible for your lungs and your brain. The hundreds of chemicals and tar can lead to cancer later in life. But quitting smoking now can allow your body to heal itself a lot faster than people realize. Vaping will provide her brain with the nicotine she is craving without the horrible health effects. Your body will feel a lot better about vaping.

The smell of cigarettes is also horrible, but not for your health, but for her clothing and house. Everyone knows the smell of getting into a smokers car or walking into a smokers house. Everyone hates this smell. When you vape instead of that horrible cigarette smell you will smell like grape or strawberry. Another impact of the smell is that when Liv Tyler has to act or kiss an actor, her colleagues will not want to be around her.

Governments around the world have banned smoking indoor public buildings or in public parks. This has forced smokers to go outside the building to smoke which can lead to social stigma about your smoking. With vaping the ban does not apply to you so instead of having to go outside in the rain to smoke you can stay inside and not have to worry about going out in the cold. Whenever Liv Tyler wants to smoke she needs to leave the building. With vaping, she can stay.

With smoking, there are no positive effects. In the short time you might believe that it is fine but in the long term, you will see the negative effects on your health, your relationships, and how people interact with you. Vaping is such a great solution for people that want to get nicotine and enjoy the action of smoke but do not want the horrible side effects. With vaping, it is an easy way to transition your body from bad health to great health. Who knows, it might save Liv Tyler’s life someday.

Labyrinth Sequel In The Works, No Goblin King?

Since David Bowie’s passing in 2016, his fans have revised his work to realize why they liked his music. He worked on hits such as, “Under Pressure”, “Heroes”, “Lets dance” and “Ashes to Ashes to name a few. He also worked on movies such as, “The Prestige”, “The Hunger” and “The man who fell to earth”. His movie, “Labyrinth” was the most popular of his acting career. The movie was directed by Jim Henson and Eric Rattray. Alongside David Bowie, the movie starred Jennifer Connelly, Toby Froud, Brian Henson and was released in 1986.

Though the movie was liked a lot because of David Bowie’s starring role and music, the movie has been analyzed more critically on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. Labyrinth has received a 68% score on rotten tomatoes and a 50 score on Metacritic. The plot is simple. The story follows the plot of a 16-year-old girl, she is given 13 hours to solve a Labyrinth and rescue her brother. If she doesn’t, her brother will be taken by a Goblin. Even though the idea sounds obscure, this was the type of content that entertained people in that era. The movie “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare”, was about long-hair and demons, which was the basis for more Jon Mikl Thor for more music videos.

The Hollywood Reporter has recently reported that Fede Alvarez will write the script and direct a Labyrinth sequel. Lisa Henson, the daughter of the original director, Jim Henson, will be the producer of the sequel. It could be speculated that the movie is being made because of the cult following the movie has gained, despite the film being a flop at its launch. It is also important to say that a masquerade ball is held every year in Los Angeles to honor Labyrinth.

There have been rumors of a remake or sequel for a while now. Nicole Perlman, responsible for screenwriting “Guardians of the Galaxy” said last year that she wasn’t working on a Labyrinth-related film. This frustrated her because it was a few weeks after his death, and to her it made her seem like she was going to profit off his death. Alveraz has worked on great projects like the “Evil Dead” remake. He is likely suited for his role as director given history. Hopefully, when the movie releases it able to satisfy both fans of Bowie and his work, along with the cult following of the previous film.

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’
“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is an iconic movie with a cult following. It remains a timeless classic as students will always try to figure out ways to get out of class and the phrase “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller” will always be a fun saying. Here are three facts from the 1986 hit that you may not know.

The Casting Could Have Been Very Different

John Hughes catapulted many young stars to fame. Some of those stars were rumored to potentially play a part in this movie. Coming off his fame from “The Breakfast Club,” Emilio Estevez was offered the role of Cameron. He turned it down. It is also rumored the role was offered to Anthony Michael Hall who turned it down to avoid being typecast. Others actually wanted a role, but couldn’t get one. Molly Ringwald wanted to play the role of Sloane, but Hughes didn’t want America’s Sweetheart to overshadow his new prince in Bueller so he didn’t cast her. Anthony Michael Hall also thought Hughes wrote Bueller’s role for him, but Hughes still says Broderick was always meant to be Ferris.

Some Conspiracy Theorists Believe Ferris Is Imaginary

Conspiracy theorists have some crazy thoughts when it comes to Ferris Bueller. Many people believe Ferris’ day off is all in the mind of Cameron. Ferris isn’t a real character at all according to some people, but a figment of Cameron’s imagination. This is why he stole the Ferrari, why he makes out with a beautiful girl and why he does the Abe Froman stunt. It could almost make sense if you watch the clip where Cameron is talking to himself trying to get out of joining Bueller on his day off. It almost seems like he’s conjuring up an imaginary friend.

A Comedy God Has A Small Part

There’s a cameo by one of the most well known comedic teachers in the business, Del Close. Everyone knows about the monotone Ben Stein saying Bueller’s name over and over. He’s monotone, but memorable. Del Close is actually the English teacher boring his students with his slow speaking teaching. This man has coached some of the biggest names in sketch comedy including Tina Fey and Bill Murray. He’s also considered one of the leaders of modern improvisational theater.

Game of Thrones Fan Theory Dies As This Character Won’t Return

Another fun fan theory may be blown away with this spoiler alert for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

The never-ending sea of possibilities for the finale for the Game of Thrones seems to have culminated with the possibility that a significant character may not return, leaving fans with the probability of never seeing one of their favorite book characters appearing as the Game of Thrones approaches its final six episodes.

The actress Ellie Kendrick, who plays the role of Meera, the girl helping drag Bran all the way to the end of the world and back again, has revealed that she may have been a disposable character admitting she has not yet received a phone call to return to the show as the final season has already begun.

One of the shows biggest fun fan theories that Kendrick’s character Meera Reed is a twin to the character Jon Snow, played by actress Kit Harington seems to have been squashed as bits and pieces of these tittle-tattles develop.

Moreover, with the absence of the character Meera Reed, Game of Thrones book fans will be disappointed as they had hoped that Meera’s father Howland Reed would appear on the screen spilling secrets about the birth of Jon Snow and revealing the mysteries of the Tower of Joy.

Howland’s appearance on the show during a flashback of season 6 depicted him as the hero outside of the Tower saving a young Ned Stark. To add to the fun for Game of Thrones book fans, the young Howland was wearing the seal of House Reed, a lizard/lion emblem.

Fan theories are being debunked right and left with the possibility of Meera being a disposable character, not only did Howland save Stark, but he was present when Ned discovered his nephew, leaving book fans disappointed as they had hoped Howland would be revealing parentage secrets to Jon Snow.

To add to the disappointment of book fans, without Meera in the picture, the theory that Howland Reed was disguised as the High Sparrow, and will be appearing in the show is unlikely.

It seems that a few Game of Thrones fun fan theories have been blown away with actress Ellie Kendrick’s spoiler alert, limiting the never-ending sea of possibilities as the Game of Thrones final season begins.