Game of Thrones Fan Theory Dies As This Character Won’t Return

Another fun fan theory may be blown away with this spoiler alert for Game of Thrones enthusiasts.

The never-ending sea of possibilities for the finale for the Game of Thrones seems to have culminated with the possibility that a significant character may not return, leaving fans with the probability of never seeing one of their favorite book characters appearing as the Game of Thrones approaches its final six episodes.

The actress Ellie Kendrick, who plays the role of Meera, the girl helping drag Bran all the way to the end of the world and back again, has revealed that she may have been a disposable character admitting she has not yet received a phone call to return to the show as the final season has already begun.

One of the shows biggest fun fan theories that Kendrick’s character Meera Reed is a twin to the character Jon Snow, played by actress Kit Harington seems to have been squashed as bits and pieces of these tittle-tattles develop.

Moreover, with the absence of the character Meera Reed, Game of Thrones book fans will be disappointed as they had hoped that Meera’s father Howland Reed would appear on the screen spilling secrets about the birth of Jon Snow and revealing the mysteries of the Tower of Joy.

Howland’s appearance on the show during a flashback of season 6 depicted him as the hero outside of the Tower saving a young Ned Stark. To add to the fun for Game of Thrones book fans, the young Howland was wearing the seal of House Reed, a lizard/lion emblem.

Fan theories are being debunked right and left with the possibility of Meera being a disposable character, not only did Howland save Stark, but he was present when Ned discovered his nephew, leaving book fans disappointed as they had hoped Howland would be revealing parentage secrets to Jon Snow.

To add to the disappointment of book fans, without Meera in the picture, the theory that Howland Reed was disguised as the High Sparrow, and will be appearing in the show is unlikely.

It seems that a few Game of Thrones fun fan theories have been blown away with actress Ellie Kendrick’s spoiler alert, limiting the never-ending sea of possibilities as the Game of Thrones final season begins.

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