Why Liv Tyler Should Quit Smoking & Turn to Vaping

When it comes to smoking cigarettes everyone knows it is bad for you. This is a common fact. From the negativity on your health to the smell, to your friendships, cigarettes have a negative impact on your whole life. Luckily there is a great new way to quit smoking: vaping. Va[ing has helped millions of people quit smoking. Liv Tyler should quit smoking and start vaping because of the impact on her health, the smell, and social friendships and relationship that vaping can keep impact.

The health impacted by vaping is the easiest thing to talk about to convince Liv Tyler to quit smoking. Cigarette smoke is terrible for your lungs and your brain. The hundreds of chemicals and tar can lead to cancer later in life. But quitting smoking now can allow your body to heal itself a lot faster than people realize. Vaping will provide her brain with the nicotine she is craving without the horrible health effects. Your body will feel a lot better about vaping.

The smell of cigarettes is also horrible, but not for your health, but for her clothing and house. Everyone knows the smell of getting into a smokers car or walking into a smokers house. Everyone hates this smell. When you vape instead of that horrible cigarette smell you will smell like grape or strawberry. Another impact of the smell is that when Liv Tyler has to act or kiss an actor, her colleagues will not want to be around her.

Governments around the world have banned smoking indoor public buildings or in public parks. This has forced smokers to go outside the building to smoke which can lead to social stigma about your smoking. With vaping the ban does not apply to you so instead of having to go outside in the rain to smoke you can stay inside and not have to worry about going out in the cold. Whenever Liv Tyler wants to smoke she needs to leave the building. With vaping, she can stay.

With smoking, there are no positive effects. In the short time you might believe that it is fine but in the long term, you will see the negative effects on your health, your relationships, and how people interact with you. Vaping is such a great solution for people that want to get nicotine and enjoy the action of smoke but do not want the horrible side effects. With vaping, it is an easy way to transition your body from bad health to great health. Who knows, it might save Liv Tyler’s life someday.

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