Disney’s Acquisition of 21st Fox Century for a Whooping $52.4 billion!

Walt Disney Company’s deal to acquire majority of the 21st Century Fox empire could be the biggest news around the television and movie industry this year. Although it won’t take effect until the deal will be officially closed as soon as it is approved by the antitrust regulators, it would surely result to so many changes in the industry.

With this deal underway, Disney will then own the film rights of the Marvel comic characters as well as the rights to The Simpsons, the Alien franchise, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

At this early point in the deal, Disney already announced their plans to bring in two streaming services in 2019 since they already know that the future of movie and television viewing is going to be online. With the number of  movies and tv shows that come with this deal, they now have a chance to compete with Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook when it comes to online video streaming. Since Hulu is part of the deal, which Disney now owns 60%, can now work on its plans to challenge Netflix as soon as Hulu goes International.

Fox television studio, which Disney now owns has 36 series in production, including “The Simpsons,” “Homeland,” “This Is Us” and “Modern Family.” Disney will now be expanding ESPN plus with its 21st Century Fox’s 22 regional cable sports networks.

Disney will also be getting National Geographic and FX as part of the deal as well as a stake in two overseas tv service providers – Sky of Britain and Star of India. These two assets overseas will help Disney fulfill its visions to be known internationally.

This deal has brought up a lot of questions and speculations, but until it is final and official, nobody knows what it will actually do to the television and movie industry. But this media consolidation can be really scary, it can either eliminate the competition or wipe out everything after these big corporations do everything in their power to dominate.  

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